1. 5 Wayne Zenith Fans Can't Be Wrong

  2. 1 Wayne Zenith Fan Can't Be Wrong

  3. Songs For People With Short Attention Spans And Other Mental Disorders (Super Expanded Edition)
    Jello Viagra

  4. Mentle Pepole L.P

  5. Trash Demos (Cambridge, 1963 - 1967)

  6. Wannabe A Wannabe

  7. Black Jade
    Black Jade

  8. Tunes Of Ghastly Horror

  9. Rocket To Uranus - Wayne Zenith's Tribute To Ramones

  10. Covers 'n' Others

  11. Fourteen Fists Of Fury

  12. Comin' At Ya!

  13. A Christmas Gift From Me To You

  14. Demo #361.

  15. Dis Iz Why I'm Hot (Wayne Zenith Remix)
    Die Antwoord Vs. Wayne Zenith

  16. Just Want A Blonde (Deluxe Extended Edition)

  17. Sausage Lovers Choice (20 Prime Cuts)

  18. Marcie Plays Guitar

  19. Cob Crisis At Mary Janes

  20. Trash And Vaudeville

  21. Crumpet For The Tea Master

  22. Rest Easy, I Have Cheese In My Pants!

  23. The World Is Horrible (And It Wants To Make Us Unhappy)

  24. High School Punk

  25. Wayne Zenith & His Musical Anarchy E.P: A Tribute To Adrian Edmondson and Los Punk Rockers

  26. Don Knotts Is The King Of Comedy

  27. Harlequim

  28. Terri Wouldn't Like It

  29. A Kick Up The Cunt E.P

  30. Songs The Misfits Taught Me

  31. Light Side Of The Sun
    The Atmospheric Toenails

  32. What The World Needs Now - More Songs
    Black Jade

  33. Do It And Die
    Giallo Viagra

  34. The Best Of the Grips
    The Grips

  35. The Erosion Of Torture
    Immoral Picnic

  36. The Devolutional Progress Of Existence
    Immoral Picnic

  37. We Are The Surfistyfucks (Super Expanded Edition)
    Jello Viagra

  38. Witchfinder
    Jello Viagra

  39. The Best (& The Rest) Of The Non-Hits Of The Wayne Zenith Band, Jello Viagra, Giallo Viagra & Perminant Marker (Compilation)
    Jello Viagra

  40. Hardcore Assault (Compilation)
    Jello Viagra

  41. Political Incorrectness (Bonus tracks)
    Perminant Marker (Jello Viagra)

  42. Live In America
    Perminant Marker (Jello Viagra)

  43. The Abundant Consequences Of Their Boundless Thirst
    Perminant Marker (Jello Viagra)

  44. 10 Songs In 10 Minutes ('Best Of' Sampler / Compilation)
    Jello Viagra (The Wayne Zenith Band / Giallo Viagra / Perminant Marker)

  45. Weiner Demos (Original Mixes & Demos)

  46. Inflamed Appendage

  47. Lickety Split!
    Secret Nerds (Wannabes)


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